A Book is a Gift - a bookish blog by me, Khairisa R. P, where you will find reviews of some books that I've read. My reviews are currently written in Indonesian, mainly for for expressive reason (?), though sometimes I read some ebooks in English, mainly for economic reason.

In my reviews I will provide the year, publishers, book-edition, and my categorization of "genres" of the book, the details that I feel important - I assume that the other bibliographic details can be found elsewhere. Yes, I mean that too for the author 's bio. I also tries to not giving much spoilers in my reviews, since I myself do not prefer having spoilers without my own demand (?).

I read wide range of books, meaning that I don't limit myself strictly about what books I do not read, although maybe the erotica books is something that I can't make myself finish reading it. Nevertheless, in general, if a book is good enough for me in the beginning, I shall finish it, and hopefully, review it. I adore Mitch Albom's, Rick Riordan's, and J.K. Rowling's writings although usually I do not really being too fond to any particular authors, publishers, like that, to decide my book-buyings, though I consider myself to be quite loyal to the series I like, but I'm never be royals. #sup

I will try my best to give my review-readers the "firsthand-experience" I have on a book although I never really give any books I've reviewed so far a rating, let's say that my review is my rating :))

Welcome and do leave some comments since I like discussing~
Contact and correspond with me for blog-book-ish-inquiries or the like at krprimawestri@gmail.com

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