Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wishful Wednesday #9: Literary of Writings

Today I finally got the opportunity to post a Wishful Wednesday after so longg I haven't because somehow I can't catch up in the right Wednesday (?) or I simply only remember about the opportunity when its not Wednesday instead = =. Well, for this edition of Wishful Wednesday, it's co-incident with how I was tempted to browse through bookdepository bargain sale when I check my email inbox and there is the one email they told me about the bargain sale. I have picked one mystery/thriller book to add to my wishlist from there, but then I am somewhat thinking of checking out books about writing. 

You probably know that I secretly wish to be a writer, and yet I can't really force myself to properly write and learn how to. On the other hand though, I also have been a subscriber of Lessons from the Screenplay (LFTS) Youtube channel in which I usually watch entertaining videos about interesting and exemplary screenwriting. One of the videos I first watch from the channel is about how Joker in The Dark Knight movie makes a great antagonist to Batman in the movie, and the video talks about it with references to some books about "building story", and from that I figure out that there are a number of recommended books I should probably start reading if I really want to learn about proper writing.

The problem is when I check those book title referenced in the LFTS video in bookdepository, they are apparently in SUCH PRICEY PRICE TAG (compared to my budget) right there and even though I actually kind of not-surprised by it being they all imported books, I can't help but feeling a little let-down. What a wishful, wishful books I hope I can just grab from my screen right now without thinking and calculating with my budget (those endorsement are taking me budget in the hope of gaining more but its never easy, dear, never).

STORY by Robert McKee


Dreamy, aren't they? Has anyone ever read it or own it and want to lend it to me? Or are there other books about writing (local/imported) that you can recommend to me?

There goes my Wishful Wednesday for this opportunity, if you would like to do so and share your Wishful Wednesday you can follow Books to Share and post your wishlist in your blog, don't forget to tell why you wished for whatever things you post and put the Wishful Wednesday banner in the post!


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