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A Book is a Gift's THIS OR THAT BOOK TAG - with Rambles

I don't even know if I can still call myself a book-lover or book-blogger the like considering not only how long I didn't post new thing here, but also how I haven't read anything for sometime I am unable to count until now T___T. I bought newest Detektif Conan's comic book a few days ago and even I didn't finish it until now. I think I read more in my laptop now in forms of articles or Quora feed than in the classical context of properly holding a concrete book and just read it all day, ignoring my phone or the Internet or daily domestic chores.

 Life's a bit different now when I'm adapting to an employee's 8-to-5 routine (this girl ain't complaining since she got a start and a taste of HRD in her current job thanks to mom) and at the same time has to take some responsibility in domestic routines at home. The later is not burdening actually since its just basically helping out with the laundry and cooking in weekend, yet somehow on those free time I  get I have been preferring to mingle with my laptop than my books. Actually its not really bad and useless, though, since I am sort of running an online shop brand of custom smartphone case and helping out a dear friend with her start up by pushing myself to write and edit articles.
 It become really fascinating for me looking at those real hardcore book lovers who seem to always manage to read books everyday, taking care of their book-related social media and everything. New books always seem to be published abundantly and I can't catch up on them, while I still have some books I want to read but never really actually read it even though I own some of them whether in prints/ebooks. Don't make me count or remember how many unread books in my house, just don't it can get me in an instant breakdown.

My rambles had gone too long it already reaches three paragraphs right now, it had gone too far from it's intended/implied content in this post title. The truth is actually I just want to POST ANYTHING in this blog again because the urge is real right now, after I successfully made my sidebar to be on the left and it is what I always wanted to achieve for some time (and the how-to are actually really simple).
Now I just want to post something I can just wrapped it up in a sitting while I am in my office, so doing a question based book tag are the most sensible to post (in my limited state of creativity at the moment, YOU should have suggest me something if you think I should think other way! hehe) - and thankfully I found a quite easy one that doesn't require me to reminisce too much about my reading (SORRY I AM NOT THAT DEVOTED TO READ LIKE ALL THOSE PEOPLE, and I am very insecure and feeling so guilty thinking about this).


Questions taken from this Lauren Reads YA's post

Physical book or e-book?
If you are taking the fact that I currently don't have an e-reader app in my phone because I sacrificed it to apps that can support my brand's online shop content, it is indeed true that I may not prioritizing e-book reading that much. Physical and translated books makes me feel more obliged to read it more devotingly (?), especially for books like A Song of Fire and Ice series (which I wanted to read, but I don't think I can keep up with the reading when it's in freaking e-book, it doesn't feel so Valar Morghulis). Printed translated (Indonesian) books that bought by my/my parents'/my sister's money are quite pricey and thus it makes me obliged to appreciate the value. On the other hand, though, some of lighter books (in English) are enjoyable for me to read as e-book, like Kinsella's 20's Girl (UGHH I LIKE IT SO MUCHHH), and it is way easier for me to highlight notable book passages (...) in e-book eventhough I can be quite pushing myself to add sticky notes in my physical book if I intend to review it. If you want a verdict, physical book are always worthy for me.

 Audio or book in hand?
I have been interested with audio book knowing that some audio books are read by famous lovable figures like how Michael Scott read Vampires, Scones, and Edmund Herondale T__T (I didn't manage to have its full audiobook, because I don't want to pay for it lol). Well, I don't know whether I will have the opportunity to try audio book in near future considering how its full file size are huge and I only have my mobile phone, and my laptop is so precious to take too much burden of memory. Book in hand are still my best ally if I have to choose.

Paperback or Hardcover?
I don't mind with both even though in durability (?) it seems that hardcover is obviously winning because you won't worry too much about the binding. The fact is I mostly buy my books in paperback since I think mostly the newly published and translated book I enjoy are come out in paperback at cheaper rates than hardcover... If I can choose for myself without considering the book price I will obviously pick hardcover books for its stronger binding.

Adult or Young Adult?
I don't think I have read both genre enough to know their differences? I think Young Adult story can contains exciting elements in its story like dystopia/action/fantasy and it's kind of great but if the story involves around too good to be true romance I will just 'meh' at it. My answer on this are none, is it allowed? Enlighten me about adult genre and recommend me in the comments, please!

Series or Standalone?
I don't think I am able to follow more series right now, so with setting asides the book series I already have been following (Cormoran Strike, Rick Riordan's...) I would pick standalone books.

Dog ears or Bookmarks?
Bookmarks, even though I won't give my money for those cuties bookmarks out there. Bookmarks that comes with the book are precious to keep even though sadly my sister often lost it = = 

Breaking the spine or barely opening the book?
Currently I AM barely opening any book, so... well. Breaking the spine may feel worse than breaking... I don't know... hearts? LOL

Borrow or buy?
I would buy books I take pride reading/collecting it, but if I only want to get to know about the story and a friend happen to own it I would borrow it first. The most ideal for me are buying books, still. For the writer as appreciation.

Bookstores or online?
I always enjoys going to bookstores, but admittedly I think I would buy books online currently since its more practical and mostly cheaper. If the context of this questions are about choosing how I buy books, my choice are online bookstores. I even managed an online book shopping service.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?
Considering how I currently being so rarely read fiction properly like the way I used to in more innocent days (?), I think  non-fiction don't have much chance on me. I always more drawn to read fiction in which from it I can extract some meaning/interpretation to reflect in real life context, like my recent reviews of Secret Garden, A Monster's Calls... they're both fiction books that from both story I get some insights about understanding younger children experience and many more. I think I am just still haven't met the right non-fiction to really read it with all my heart (#...).

Fantasy world or real life issue?
I think these two are not always so separated to be choices. A Song of Ice and Fire's is a fantastic fantasy world story based from real life history to build it up, and even the story and the characters' struggle can be relatable to it's woldwide fans in real life. ...also the argument can be longer if more fantasy series mentioned, like The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Olympians... reading fantasy can gives us more insights to deal with real life issue. Fantasy story are also a great medium to communicate real life issue if it's written well. 

...but wait I think I have misinterpreted the question, does it mean whether I would pick to live a fantasy world or just dealing real life issue? I think this is a vague question, xD I don't want to live in A Song of Ice and Fire's world for sure. To answer as myself, assuming that I would only be my own self, I would stand on the ground of real life reality.

Kindle, iPad, or other?
Other... THE OTHERS ARE HERE. ((IT IS STILL LONG WAY TO JULY 2017 FOR SEASON 7)).  I don't own e-book reader and currently if I have to read an ebook I would rely on my laptop/smartphone.

Monster read or short and sweet?
In my current circumstances my best choice would be to read something short and sweet (like Kinsella's 20's Girl... it's damn sweet whyyy). Monster read can offers great stories but maybe not now... 

Starry-eyed romance or full of action?
I am kinda tired of romance now, so I would pick full of action read that I can secretly ship with no pressure xD I think this is what I am feeling when reading Cormoran Strike's story because I know the book is really awesome and full of crime and mystery but the beauty of Corm and Robin as a ship are too irresistible xD

Curl up in a Snuggie or bathe in the sun? 
I like to curl up in the morning sun...  when reading it is equally nice to read in my bedroom simply on my bed or in my terrace when the sun still not soo bright. Reading with a company of nice hot beverage are also really soothing to do, I like to drink in my dining table with a cup of tea when I feel so classy.

Read the review or decide for yourself?
The final decision are always from my own consideration although I may read a number of reviews from the book I am curious of. Sometimes I also want to buy some books after some reviewer whose blog I follow reviewed a book. I think this question are quite inaccurate since read the review and deciding for yourself can also be a process of consideration, isn't it? xD

Zombies or Unicorns?
Unicorns like ones in Percy Jackson are awesome because they have sass~~ LOL.

Well that was me answering book tag questions so that I can post something here and I am quite happy with it^^ if you want to answer the questions too just tag yourself since I am not tagging, sorry I'm so lazy :)

All pictures used in this blog post are taken from pixabay.com free copyright image website.

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